To build the business you need to have the life you want, you need to make changes. How are you going to deal with that?

May 2nd, 2019     Improve Your Business

Changing how your business works will affect the most important people in your business, your team. Getting the team on board is crucial to the successful implementation of changes and getting the business to where it needs to be. Most people are good at change if it’s managed well, so here are some things to think about to help make change happen more easily.

It’s good to talk
Any time there is a major change in a business, there will be a natural dip in productivity levels as people react and adapt to something new. Explain what is happening and ask for input from your team members, keep them up to date and encourage them to ask questions. This will help them to feel involved in the changes.

People need time
Give people time to adapt. As an owner, by the time you have announced a change, you have probably had an opportunity to work through the details. Your team will not have had this opportunity so it may take time for them to reach the same conclusion as you – that the change is a good thing or is necessary.

Not everyone is on the same page as you
Your chances of getting everything 100% right are pretty slim. Be prepared for some people to react negatively to change and allow time for people to process the information. If you notice that some people have adopted a negative stance, talk to them with a view to addressing any problems. Ask for their view in terms of getting the changes over the line. They might be willing to share a few suggestions and this may encourage them to engage in the change project in a positive way.

The Impact of Culture
Rather than trying to change the culture of your firm, you can draw energy from it. You and your management team can help people understand what needs to happen in order to provide a boost to your change initiative. To do this, look for the elements of your firm’s culture that are aligned to the change, bring them to the foreground, and attract the attention of the people who will be affected by the change.

By working through change in this way, getting the business you want will be easier and better for everyone.

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