What’s stopping you building the business you need to have the life you want?

March 7th, 2019     Business news

By understanding what’s stopping you building the business you need to have the life you want you’re in a better position to do something about it. So here are some of the main non financial reasons we’ve seen that hold business owners back from getting the business they want:

1. Not knowing where to start – With so much advice around on the internet, in business books and friends, it can be difficult to know where to start. This can become overwhelming and stops you making decisions and moving forward. Just pick something to start on that you know needs doing, once you get into the habit of ‘doing’ you’ll start making progress.

2. Doing things outside your comfort zone – If you want to grow your business you may have to start doing things you’ve never done before, things that are outside your comfort zone. Whilst it’s hard, if you step outside your comfort zone you’ll grow and your business will grow too!

3. Not being able to have difficult conversations – In growing your business you are going to have to deal with people, your team, customers and suppliers. It won’t always be plain sailing and you’ll encounter situations that won’t always be easy. We’ve seen business owners who haven’t been confident enough to have difficult conversations and consequently the performance of their business has suffered. Being able to have difficult conversations when needed will help you get better outcomes, hopefully for all parties.

4. There’s never enough time – We’ve all got the same amount of time in a day, it’s how you use it! You can’t do everything, so you’ll need to be able to delegate and trust your team to do what you shouldn’t be doing, to give you the time to do what you need to do to grow your business.

5. Having a big enough why – Sometimes there just may not be a big enough why, driver or motivator to make you want to push forward, if you don’t have this, is growing the business what you really want?

We work with business owners to build the businesses they need to have the life they want, so if you want to overcome obstacles in your way to growing the business, get in touch with me on 01803 296678 or email andrew.price@andrewprice.co.uk