The Andrew Price & Co Weekly Round-Up

November 1st, 2019     Weekly Round-Up

Here are some of things our clients have achieved this week..

  • Bookkeeping and accounting that saves money – Our client is now £1700 better off as a result of customer payment errors found when completing their monthly bookkeeping and accounts. Call us for bookkeeping that means your accountant is part of your business and knows what’s happening and what to look for.
  • Help with declining turnover – At a quarterly management accounts meeting with a client, the main topic of conversation was the shrinking order book. From the meeting a straightforward plan of ACTION was produced for immediate implementation to get more of the right customers. We don’t just look at the history we help clients look forward to secure their future.
  • Improving a client’s team communications – Communications within our client’s team had become disjointed and resulted in the ball being dropped a few times. Using a cloud based system we recommended they’re now all on the same page and they aren’t dropping those balls! Looking to improve the way run your business internally? Ask us to see if we can help.
  • Management accounts highlight work to be invoiced – When questioned about the work in progress our client’s attention was brought to unbilled work to the value of £35,000. On the basis that customers value the work less as time progresses it was a timely reminder to get the work invoiced. What could management accounts bring to your attention that needs action?
  • Regular contact with management accounts meetings means real-time planning – At a management accounts meeting with one of our clients, questions about remuneration highlighted upcoming changes in family circumstances that meant child care costs will be an issue. With this early notification we can help plan for a tax efficient solution. Regular contact and questions highlight areas where action needs to be taken.

Do you want your bookkeeping and accounts to save you money, need help with declining turnover, to improve communication within your team, to see how management accounts can highlight missed invoices and how regular contact with your accountant means real-time planning? Call us now on 01803 296678.