The Andrew Price & Co Weekly Round-Up

October 25th, 2019     Weekly Round-Up

Here are some of the things our clients have achieved this week..

  • Helping Clients Look Professional on Xero – All our clients use Xero and we want them to look good in front of their customers. So for a new client we designed them a great looking invoice template and set everything up to report to the right places on Xero. This gives them the information they need, and cuts down the admin time. Do your Xero invoices give a professional impression of your business and do all the right things for ease of accounting? If not, call us on 01803 296678.
  • Choosing the Right Van to Save Tax – Our client wanted a new van, with our advice they got a tax efficient van which saved them VAT, corporation tax and eliminated the benefit in kind. Do you want to make the right choices when you buy vehicles for your business? Call us on 01803 296678.
  • Keeping an Eye on Turnover Saves Cashflow – A new start-up construction industry client needed to have CIS gross payment status as quickly as possible to help with cashflow. With the accounting system that was set up for them, we knew in real time when an application could be made – bringing 20% more cash into the business as quickly as possible. Need an accounting system to measure something that matters? Ask us how on 01803 296678.
  • Achieving Set Goals – Important Key Performance Indicators set to build on improved 2019 results, for a great year ending 2020. Are you setting any goals for your next year to improve your profit? If not call us on 01803 296678.
  • Time Saving – A new CIS system and process for our construction industry client saves time and money. CIS administration a headache? Call us for a solution on 01803 296678.

Do you want to achieve your set goals, save time, keep an eye on turnover to achieve your cashflow needs, choose a tax, VAT and benefit in kind efficient vehicle or look professional on Xero? Call us now on 01803 296678