The Andrew Price & Co Weekly Round-Up

October 18th, 2019     Weekly Round-Up

Here’s what our clients have achieved this week

  • Finding out what happened – It doesn’t always go to plan and that happened last month for a client. Monthly management accounts put numbers on it and helped decide what actions needed to be taken. How quickly do you know when you need to change something in your business and do you have the numbers to back it up?
  • What’s profitable and what isn’t – Changes to our clients accounting system means that management accounts now show profitability by job and sector on a regular basis. Helping in decision making about types of work to focus on. Do you want this information about your business?
  • Employee cost information – As part of our clients payroll package they wanted monthly information about employee costs and related analysis to help run the business more effectively. Is this something you want to know?
  • R&D Tax Credits – One of our clients has just received £50,024 as a result of an R & D Tax Credits claim. Are you eligible to make a claim? Ask us!
  • Keeping in touch – a regular meeting with a client uncovered their wishes in relation to how their company will be dealt with if they die before selling it, which was important to them. Do you have plans you need to discuss but haven’t had the opportunity yet?

Do you need to understand changes in your business faster, know which jobs are more profitable for your business, understand the costs of your employees, know if you’re eligible to make an R&D tax credits claim or want to discuss what will happen to your business in the future? Call us on 01803 296678.