The Andrew Price & Co Weekly Round-Up

October 4th, 2019     Weekly Round-Up

Here is a round-up of some of the things our clients have achieved over the last week..

  • Opportunities for growth – Attended a specialist networking event which resulted in an opportunity to refer three great clients. Helping our clients grow!
  • Work profitably – Discussed with a client a system to record costs on jobs to track profitability as work progresses helping to keep things on track ‘Great! when can we get started?’ Do you track the profitability of your jobs?
  • Planning to leave as much as you can to those you care about – Looked with husband and wife clients at the value of their estate and considering ways to transfer wealth to family members. Do you have a plan?
  • Debt collection admin a headache? Looked at and advised on systems to automate cash collection from customers for a client who’s finding it hard work! Is your cash collection system in need of a shake up?
  • Better information means more control – Helped a client to improve their sales ledger (receivables) system, which means they’ll have more control over who owes them money! Is your receivables system in need of improvement?

Do you need opportunities to grow, to be able to track your profitability in real-time, need help planning for your family’s future, to streamline your cash collection or receivables system? Call us now on 01803 296678.