Meetings – 5 ways to make them more productive

November 1st, 2018     Business news

Meetings that are poorly managed can waste a large amount of a team member’s time, but well managed and productive meetings can also be a great way to get your team to work together to help you get the business you need to have the life you want.

So how can you make meetings more ‘user friendly’ and productive? Here are five ways to improve the quality of your meetings.

1. A pre-meeting agenda

Distribute a pre-meeting agenda to let everyone know what’s going to be discussed (that is unless you want to keep them in the dark!) and what outcomes are expected. This gives your team the opportunity to prepare and know what will be expected of them.

2. Prepare

Each attendee writes a memo on points that they are contributing on (full sentences not bullet points) and this is given to each attendee who reads them before the start of the meeting, so that everyone is up to speed (borrowed from Jeff Bezos).

3. No spectators

If you’re not sure why you’re in the meeting, ask! You may be wasting your time spectating when you could be doing something more valuable – like work!

4. Make it easy to contribute

Have a chair to control the meetings and to create space for those who are less dominant but have something valuable to contribute.

5. Be clear on outcomes

Reach conclusions and be clear on outcomes, assign actions and accountability. If decisions can’t be made, establish the next steps with timescales.

Finally, mix it up a bit, to add life to regular meetings, change venue’s, and where you sit, you may get a different perspective!

andrew price team sat around a table in a meeting