Making your team feel valued

February 6th, 2020     Improve Your Business

Without a great team, you’ll struggle to build the business you need to have the life you want.

So making sure your people feel valued is vitally important. People who feel valued tend to be more committed to the business and also tend to go the extra mile, when necessary.

As an owner or manager of a business one of the most important responsibilities is to ensure your team members feel that their contribution is appreciated.

To ensure that your team know they play an important part in the business, you need to recognise them as individuals. Team building events, office parties, etc. are great for boosting team morale but you also need your people to feel that they are appreciated as individuals. Show recognition by asking them to share their views, contribute to a discussion or attend a conference in your place. This provides validation to them that they have something of value to offer, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. At Andrew Price & Co team members regularly attend conferences without me and they come back with the confidence and authority to make changes to move the business forward.

Go one step further and involve your team in making important business decisions. Invite them to contribute to a discussion on a new strategy or perhaps ask them for their thoughts on a new product or service line decision. This can also provide the firm with opportunities to consider new ideas to potentially drive innovation. However if you just ‘pay lip service’ to this, your team will see through it and may feel more alienated than before and won’t appreciate their time being wasted!

Transparency is also very important, the team need to know what’s going on with the business. Keep them informed of the overall strategy and progress towards company objectives. This will demonstrate that you trust them and can create a feeling of “we are all in this together”. This type of approach goes a long way to helping you get the business you need to have the life you want, but also having a business that your team love to be a part of and hopefully get wider benefits too, making it a ‘win win’ outcome for everyone.

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