How can I improve cash flow?

Good cash flow is essential for your business if you want it to thrive and grow. We’ll work with you to improve what affects your cash flow, your profitability and your business systems.

Improve your profitability

  • Making a profit is essential for positive cash flow
  • Monitor your profitability on a regular, timely basis so you can take action promptly
  • Take action to improve profitability based on management information

Speed up customer payments

  • Improve your business process to convert work-in-progress and goods sold to billable invoices quickly
  • Review the way you get paid to get your customers to pay quicker
  • Look at streamlining your invoicing, collection and payment systems using online accounting systems

Reduce your spending

  • Track and monitor all spending
  • Make sure you are getting value for money
  • Work to forecasts and budgets

Monitor cash flow KPIs

  • Regularly review your cash flow reports
  • Use forecasting to assess future cash flow
  • Take decisive steps to deal with cash flow dips