How we helped a client build the business they needed to build the dream home they wanted

Our clients, a couple owning a domestic service business that has a reputation for high quality work, were referred to us by an existing client business owner in 2004.

The purpose of the business was to give them the life they wanted, which included building their dream ‘grand designs’ home for which they had the plans drawn up by an award winning architect.

With our help in analysing and using the numbers of the business, their turnover grew to just over £858,000 by 2014. However failure to take action on the over reliance on one source of work was an issue that had been identified….something that was soon to cause a big problem.

In the summer of 2014 they lost that source of work which represented 37% of their turnover and for the first time ever made a trading loss. This meant that they had to find new customers quickly and building the dream home was put on hold…indefinitely, a bitter blow after the hard work put in.

Immediately we suggested to our clients that we work together; creating a plan that not only detailed what they wanted to achieve but also how to achieve it. This included as a main objective to build a marketing and sales process that was totally controlled by our clients so that they would never rely on third party work providers. It put monthly, weekly and daily numbers on what they needed to achieve to make it happen, so that they could get the business to where they wanted it to be. It involved keeping track of all the numbers in the plan, reports to us on a weekly basis backed up by monthly progress meetings.

The outcome was that in the three years from 2015 to 2018 the company increased self generated income by 118% and increased profit by 4261%.

The house is now being built and the business generates all its own customers not relying on third parties to provide work.

Our clients are continuing with our ‘Making It Happen’ process even though the original goals have been achieved, because what they want from the business has changed and we’re helping them build the business they need to have the life they want.

Latest results show that with a couple of months to go, that turnover will increase by 21.7% in the current year and profit will increase by 49.6% … we’re now planning for 2020.

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The facts and figures in this case study are real, our clients have given us permission to tell their story because of what we have helped them achieve, but for confidentiality purposes wish to withhold their identity.