50 Reasons to not make changes in your business

January 11th, 2019     Improve Your Business

Pick your reason not to make changes in your business. Overcome them and you’ll get the business you need to have the life you want…

1. Our business is different
2. It won’t work in a small company
3. We’ve never done it before
4. It’s out of my comfort zone
5. Nobody else has ever done it
6. It has never been tried before
7. We tried it before
8. We’ve been doing it this way since we started
9. It won’t work in a large company.
10. It won’t work in our company
11. Why change — it’s working OK
12. The customers won’t like it
13. My business partners will never agree
14. It needs further investigation
15. Our competitors are not doing it
16. It’s too much trouble to change
17. The service department says it can’t be done
18. Sales department says it can’t be done
19. The production team won’t like it
20. John says it can’t be done
21. Alice says it can’t be done
22. It can’t be done
23. We don’t have the money
24. We don’t have the personnel
25. We don’t have the equipment
26. The team will scream
27. It’s too blue sky
28. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
29. It’s too radical a change
30. It’s beyond my responsibility
31. It’s not my job
32. We don’t have the time
33. It will change everything
34. It’s not the way we do it here
35. It will increase costs
36. We don’t have the expertise
37. The employees will never buy it
38. It’s not my problem
39. I don’t like it
40. You’re right, but …
41. We’re not ready for it
42. It needs more thought
43. Team managers won’t accept it
44. We can’t take the chance
45. We’d lose money on it
46. It takes too long to pay out
47. We’re doing all right as it is
48. Lets set up a committee to study it
49. Competition won’t like it
50. It needs sleeping on