15 Things to invest your time in

October 17th, 2019     Improve Your Business

Sometimes it’s difficult to make time to invest in the things that will help you build the business you need to have the life you want. Your team members will benefit from having time to do some of these things too. Have a look at the list below and see where you could do with investing more of your time!

1. Listening to your team

2. Understanding your customers problems

3. Your marketing and sales plans

4. Thinking about the questions you should be asking

5. Planning for the future

6. Setting goals

7. Making your plans happen

8. Developing your personal skills

9. Supporting and developing your team

10. Analyse the figures in your business to check that you’re on track

11. How to improve your business and processes

12. Personal time

13. Talking to people who can help you

14. Working out your personal goals and how your business will help you achieve them

15. Working out what’s important and what isn’t

It’s not the ultimate wish list of things you must do, but investing your time in them could bring big returns, far more than spending your time on the coal face.

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